We Are OxKart

Our Vision

Empower small farmers to achieve more productivity, yield, and income.
Oxkart also provides a marketplace providing a wide choice of input to the farmer at their doorstep directly from the manufacturer.
Oxkart is bringing accessibility to quality agricultural products and personalized advisory by leveraging its technology for farmer empowerment.
Oxkart has adapted a multi-channel strategy to reach out to producers across India and addressing their agricultural input needs.
Our portfolio offerings include a broad range of seeds, plant protection, plant nutrition, and agricultural implements.

Our Mission

Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality, and commitment.

Our Value

Oxkart core value guides how we conduct ourselves personally and professionally. In this ever-changing world of agriculture, our core values are constant. Our values underline our work. How we interact with each other and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. Our core values are the practices we use every day in everything we do.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is as vast as the land of our machines cultivates as tireless as the farmers who work the land day in and day out. Oxkart is committed to so much and so many, because in the end no matter what we do, no matter how we do it, it's all about delivering values. Plain and simple. To the farmers. To the people working for them. To ourselves. To the future.

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